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Seeking a scholar together with Classbook

Included in the program of “Seeking a scholar together with Samsung Galaxy Tab3V”, this time, Samsung has come to Hoang Hoa Tham primary school, played and learned together with the students with Samsung Galaxy tab 3V with integrated Classbook applications.

At the program, students and their parents at grade 2 and 3 of Hoang Hoa Tham Primary School had an opportunity to participate in games with English songs: ABC song using the Classbook application.


Samsung Galaxy Tab3V integrates the Classbook application

Besides, the students have also involved in the puzzles to the question set by Education E-Book Company EDC. The award for the winner is the Samsung Galaxy tab 3V integrating complementary applications for their study. Samsung Kidstime – integrating more than 80 games and many book titles, it helps their parents to monitor the use of their kids and Classbook – the e-textbook with interoperability is two main applications, exclusively in this device.


The children participate in interactive sections with Samsung Galaxy Tab3V applications

This is the first time the Samsung and EDC have combined together to issue a version of e-textbooks extremely helpful for students on Samsung Galaxy tab3V tablet with a Classbook proprietary application.

It integrated all the textbooks during 12 grades from high school, junior high school and elementary school, Classbook offered a new study way because they can interact directly book contents or practice spelling for their standard pronunciation. The illustrations in the textbook were integrated more realistic image or vivid video when they click on the illustrations. In addition, they can also direct note on the content of textbooks.


Program of “Seeking a scholar together with Samsung Galaxy Tab3V” is deployed from 30/3 to 3/5/2015 over 36 schools in 5 major cities of Hanoi, Hai Phong, Da Nang, HCMC and Can Tho.