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Launching National Assembly Portal developed by TVS

In the morning of 6/4, at the House of Assembly, National Assembly Chairman Nguyen Sinh Hung pressed to launch Web portal of National Assembly of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. This is the portal developed by Tinhvan Software solutions and Integration Systems Company Limited – Tinhvan Solutions, based on Microsoft Sharepoint which is the most modern technology today.

Attending the opening ceremony was the Vice President of the National Assembly, the Committee of the National Assembly and Central Ministry leaders.


National Assembly Chairman Nguyen Sinh Hung and delegators launched the Web portal of National Assembly

Under Resolution No. 27/2012/QH13 of the National Assembly, since 2013, Office of National Assembly has developed Web portal – the integrated e-government information agency and multi-media information Assembly on the basis of the project “Upgrade from Website to Web portal of the National Assembly”. Tinhvan Solutions – technology Company leading the field of construction and deployment of portal solutions, integration system has been selected as the unit to deploy the Assembly Web portal.


Tinhvan Solutions is the unit to deploy the Assembly Web portal

Developed on the SharePoint technology basis, the most current advanced technology of Microsoft, Assembly Web portal will create communication environment to provide information, propagandas, policies, guidelines and promote the image of the Assembly to the people, the voters in the country, our compatriots abroad and international friends in two languages including Vietnamese and English.

Web portal of Assembly will also create an environment of electronic online services to support business operation, information technology application of the units of the National Assembly; ensure coordination of each agency or unit, Delegation of the National Assembly in building electronic Assembly.


Home page interface of Assembly Web portal (www.quochoi.vn )

With elegant and friendly interface, Web portal of Assembly integrates, updates information and photos on the organization and operation of the National Assembly, the Assembly leaders, Standing Committee of the National Assembly, the Ethnicity Council and the Committee of the National Assembly, the Board of Standing Committee of the National Assembly, the Office of National Assembly delegations of the National Assembly, delegates of the National Assembly. Through this portal, the people and the country voters can see and review the discussion in the National Assembly sessions, sessions of the National Assembly Standing Committee, sessions of the Assembly agencies

Interaction of Assembly Portal will help Assembly take public’s comments on the draft legislation, exchange and answer questions between voters and delegates, create databases of legal documents … The people and voters of the country can access the Assembly portal from all devices, from desktop to smartphone and tablet…

Some pictures of the opening ceremony