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Tinhvan Group has had the honor of being achieved for 3 Sao Khue Awards 2015

In the morning of 24/4, Tinhvan Group was honorably achieved 3 Sao Khue Awards 2015 which voted by VINASA.

3 Sao Khue awards of Tinhvan Group include: New generation of Classbook Educational ebook of Ebooks Distribution Cp – EDC; Qualita Asset management system of Tinhvan Solution and HiStaff Human resource management solution of Tinhvan Consulting.

One more time, Classbook Educational ebook was glorified at Sao Khue 2015 and awarded a 4-star rating for Preeminent Solution. This is the second time Classbook has achieved this signification. Qualita asset management system and HiStaff Human resource management solution were also awarded 4-star rating for Preeminent Solution. Tinhvan confirmed his own position once again because all their solutions were honored.

IMG_4071Classbook was glorified to be group of solution for education

Being on the market since 6/2013, new generation version of Classbook honored this year deeply obtains technological impressions in teaching and studying with its excellence of educational ebooks. On the basis of Classbook, nearly 2000 textbooks, supplementary books, teacher books and reference books from Grade 1 to Grade 12 published by Education Publisher have been digitized, edited. Users can access Classbook store and download contents upon their request for a special discount.

IMG_4075Qualita was glorified to be group of solution for office activities.

Qualita is the asset management system developed by Tinhvan Solution, aiming at computerizing asset management in all aspects, ensuring operational functions for asset management, shortening time for working settlement, reducing intermediaries during operation of agencies, enterprises.

Qualita can meet the whole professional qualification on asset management at both Administrative organ and medium and large-sized enterprises. In addition to ensuring procedures and regulations on asset management of the State, Qualita was overestimated by Sao Khue appraisal team because it can manage a huge asset system up to tens of millions of assets, classify and widely disperse assets, but still allows organs/enterprises to follow up asset movement, track status of each asset in details while many other software systems cannot do that.

DSC00903HiStaff was glorified to be group of solution for human resource management

HiStaff Human resource management solution of Tinhvan Consulting has always been maintained its own leading brand in the field of human resource management. It has been implemented in tens of thousands of personel- scaled enterprises and corporations such as VinGroup, Mai Linh Group, Golden Gate, Dung Quat oil refinery, Techcombank,… HiStaff’s customers are prestige agencies, enterprises, banks owning large and spread and complex management scale on high specific characteristic.

HiStaff has been developed in accordance with advanced human resource management practices in the world and “localized” to comply with the human-using culture and characteristics of the business environment in Vietnam. HiStaff 2015 version has been appreciated when operating on the basis of the latest Web technologies, allowing to access on mobile devices, assisting in the large-scaled deployment to be easier. With 10 professional modules and detail management report system, HiStaff 2015 will help large and medium scaled organizations to plan strategies of human resource, management of competency standards, management of talent, promotion for employees

Some pictures in the event: