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Major summed up all activities throughout the school year in the schools

After one year of establishment. Major has cooperated to teach English with 5 schools in Hanoi including 1 secondary school, 3 elementary schools and 1 kindergarten.

Accordingly, Major’s teachers must have a university degree and a teaching certificate of teaching English as a second language together with other documents to teach at school. Moreover, teachers also need to have special experiences with children to attract students and to arouse their excitement of learning English. Therefore, Major’s teaching staff as well as the modern training program has been welcomed in all schools.

Not only do teachers teach at schools but they also are invited to participate in some extracurricular events or activities of schools such as the Closing Ceremony or Reading Books Events in Lomonosov Primary School and Thuc Nghiem Primary School.

We do hope that in the new school year, Major will continue to promote and expand the network of cooperation in other schools to create more opportunities for more students to study English with international qualified standard.