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Tinhvan at the Career Day in Military Technical Academy vi

On March 24th, 2018 Tinhvan HR-PR team attended the Career Day for Military Technical Academy’s Students

This is the first time Tinhvan has collaborated with the academy, especially the Faculty of Information Technology (IT). With the characteristics of military environment, this event was thoroughly organized along with many activities. Besides the booths of the enterprises, there were also 14 out of 30 booths organizing different activities such as food, bookclub …

Military students were also very excited and impressed with the small bookmarks – gifts of Tinhvan in the Lottery Games. Additionally, several students paid attention to read about Tinhvan in the past 20 years. Many IT students left their personal information to be contacted, consulted about internships, collaboration, recruitment at Tinhvan Group.

Mr. Controller and members of Board of Academy at Tinhvan booth

Located at the center of the festival, Tinhvan booth was honored to be visited by the Controller and members of Board of Academy. In addition, Tinh van also contributed a flute performance with the mashup of 2 exciting songs performed by Manh NV

Flute performance by Manh NV

At the end of the event, Faculty of IT also met business representatives to thank and listen to the feedback and suggestions in organizing to have better upcoming events. Also, the IT representatives also hoped to continue cooperating with businesses more closely and frequently such as organizing seminars, technical workshops or consulting jobs …

In the last few years, Military Technical Academy has opened several civilian training courses with an yearly enrollment of approximately 1200 students and IT Faculty accounts for one fifth of the total. This is the fifth year that the Faculty of Information Technology has organized the career day for IT students and 3rd year in collaboration with the Academy.

Hopefully, Tinh Van and Military Technical Academy will have more helpful activities for students!