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TinhVan consulting cooperates to implement and open the Web Portal of Ministry of Public Security vi

On the morning of June 07th 2018, at the Grand hall of the Headquarters of Ministry of Public Security – 44 Yet Kieu, Hanoi, the Opening Ceremony for the New Interface for the Web Porter of Ministry of Public Security has taken place.

To implement the policy of the Government to promote the application of information technology in State Agencies with a view to modernize the Administrative Structure, in the process to construct a “Digital Government”, and to accelerate reformation of administrative procedures; The Ministry of Public Security has rebuilt its Web Porter on the basis of upgrading the existing Web Porter.

The Ministry of Public Security’s Web Portal officially went online in August 2010 and basically managed to fulfill the requirements and missions assigned by the Government and the Public Security sector, which is to serve as the official information focal point of the Ministry of Public Security on the Internet. However, during its history of operation, the previous Portal had shown a number of weaknesses and shortcomings in terms of technology, including its limited capacity for establishment of new functions and uncoordinated information structure, thus caused inconvenience to the people’s access to information. Therefore, the Web Portal of the Ministry of Public Security must look toward a more comprehensive general structure established on the most advanced Web Portal technology, to ensure the optimal functioning of the Web Portal as well as the long-run development, as well as the capacity for full integration of existing and future systems of the Ministry of Public Security.

Thượng tướng Tô Lâm – Bộ trưởng Bộ Công an phát biểu chỉ đạo

Thus, in October 2015, the Ministry of Public Security had approved the project “Upgrade the Web Porter of Ministry of Public Security operating on the Internet”, with the objectives to conduct thorough research, invest in facilities, construct the software system for Web Portal to fix the disadvantages of old technology platform, upgrade new application, provide comprehensive information on the Ministry. The Project for Ministry of Public Security’s Web Portal (CTTDT) Upgrade was implemented by coordination of the Joint name between Tinh Van Tech JSC and FPT Information System Co., LTD (FIS).

After 1 year of construction, up to now, the project “Upgrade the Web Porter of Ministry of Public Security operating on the Internet” has been completed on advanced technology platform, possessing scientifically designed interface with high attractiveness and various utilities to accommodate the needs of users, with addition of various new specialized page with noticeable contents.

Minister of Public Security – To Lam (the 4th, from left to right), the president of Tinhvan Tech – Hoang To (the 2nd, from left to right), and representatives of MoPS and joint-name contractor FIS pressed the “Open” button.

Most noticeable new features of Ministry of Public Security’s Web Portal:

  • Interface with color of identification, color scheme with shades variations but still retain a level of contrast.
  • News section boxes have Flat Design style, highlighting headlines of sections. Manner to handle information boxes: Clear main structure, with larger spaces and smaller spaces, together comprise a solid structure without gaps.

Addition or new separation of some sections:

–           News of Minister of Public Security: Provide all news articles on the activities of the Minister as well as his articles and speeches quickly

–           The Ministry to the People

–           Public Service

–           News of External Affairs