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HiStaff implements Go-Global project vi

In February 2019, Laurelton Diamonds Cambodia (LDC) signed a contract for implementation of HiStaff HR Software Solution of Tinhvan Consulting.

To make this decision, LDC had a period to study and carefully consider variety of HR solutions. In particular, there are solutions of Suppliers from Cambodia as well as many world-branded solutions for Golobal operation model. However, after 03 Demo rounds and solution consultancy, HiStaff of Tinhvan Consulting has proved the most suitable factors:

Proven HR solutions

HiStaff was first implemented for LDC in 2019, however, it is not strange and new for Laurelton Diamonds. In August 2015, Laurelton Diamonds Vietnam (LDV) implemented HiStaff Solution.

After the successful implementation at Laurelton Diamonds Vietnam (LDV), HiStaff Software Solution of Tinhvan Consulting continues to receive trust from Laurelton Diamonds Cambodia (LDV)

The project of implementing HiStaff at LDV is highly appreciated for its contribution in building an overall management system of human resources, meeting the requirements of managing complex personnel of a multinational corporation. HiStaff has been continuously developed over the past 4 years, completely solved the specific human resource problems of LDV. By this practical experience, the LDC Project Board believes that HiStaff will be implemented more quickly and optimally.

Flexible customization features

By learning and applying knowledge from the implementation of many projects for large customers in different fields, HiStaff implementation team builds a highly flexible, scalable and customizable HR solution for the characteristics of each customer.

Experienced implementation team

HiStaff implementation team has been developed from 2005 up to now and has experienced in implementing in many large customers. Not only being experienced, members of Tinhvan Consulting are also highly appreciated by customers in enthusiastic, willing to support, accompany with customers to successfully implement the solution.

In LDC project, HiStaff will be implemented with 9 operational modules: organizational management, personnel management, timekeeping, payroll management, allowance management, administrative management, integrated systems, reporting system, login system, & inspection.

Information about Laurelton Diamonds:

Laurelton Diamonds (LD) is a multinational corporation specializing in manufacturing large and prestigious diamonds with over 3,000 employees working in factories in many countries such as the US, Vietnam, Cambodia, Belgium and Canada. Botswana, South Africa,…

LD is known for diamond cutting and polishing plants and gemstone laboratories operating at the highest standards in the diamond industry. Human resources, equipment, and technology of LD are well-equipped, meeting strict standards, to turn rough diamonds into polished diamonds with the highest quality for the jewelry market worldwide.