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Opening ceremony of New-gen Classbook

On the morning of April 18, the Education eBooks Distribution Joint Stock Company – a member of Vietnam Education Publishing House worked with Intel Group and other partners held Press Conference to introduce New-gen Classbook – building basis for new education.

In the meeting, there were Mr. Nguyen Minh Hong – Deputy Minister of Information and Communications, Mr. Nguyen Long – Chairman of Vietnam Computer of Association, Mr. Terry J.White – Deputy Director of Intel Group and counselor from US Embassy in Vietnam, Dr. Do Minh Tuan – Vice Principal of Vietnam National University. From Tinhvan Group, there were Mr. Hoang To – General Director, Pham Thuc Truong Luong – Director of EDC and other managers from Tinhvan Group turn up in the conference. The events attracted 50 newsparers and TV programmes as well as hundreds of visitors. 

Mr Pham Thuc Truong Luong introduced new-gen Classbook

The event followed the efforts from many sites to get the target in Education Development Strategy 2011 – 2020 from Ministry of Education and Training and “Computer for Life” project announced by Minister of Information and Communications.

New-gen Classbook has had already more than 300 ebooks which is designated by Ministry of Education and Training. On using the device, reader can be accessible freely to relating reprinted content.

Besides traditional teaching approach, Classbook provides multimedia way for pupil to act to the study content. The new point of Classbook is to have “Shaping The Way We Teach English” curriculum from Oregon University. It is translated in Vietnamese and supported by US Embassy to VN and 2020 Project. Moreover, the device contains B1 and B2 english programme for secondary school from Colleague of foreign languages – Vietnam National University.

In technology, Classbook can connect to online library of Vietnam Education Publishing House at www.classbook.vn. Thousands of books are available to study, improve and refer for users. Classbook also build online class easily and effectively.

Classbook uses Intel chip AtomTM, Ram 1GB, 16GB forsaving, micro and speaker. Battery is available for continuous 8 hours. It is run by Android basis. Classbook have multi-touch display and new technology being good for user’s eyes. Pupils enjoy easily Classbook as traditional book.

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