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Techcombank chooses TVC for building PMS

On June 16th, 2014, Techcombank, one of leading banks in Vietnam has chosen officially TVC (Tinhvan Consulting) to cooperate for building Performance Management System (PMS).


All factors of PMS System 

Before the decision, TVC finished successfully Histaff – human management system for Techcombank.

 PMS is considered the best tool for enterprises to manage and value their staffs efficiently. Compared to KPI, PMS gives standards with other detailed for applying and checking staff’s performance. Follow that, every person can be more responsible and work carefully.

 Representatives of Techcombank said: “PMS as well as Histaff, made by TVC, is a good tool to support Techcombank manage staffs and operating rooms. And then, Techcombank can follow projects’ progress and level”.

 The project devided into 2 periods and run for 5 months. Mr. Dinh Hong Son –  leader of project from TVC said: “Techcombank which is one of leading banks in Vietnam have up to 8000 staffs. As a result, the bank requires TVC’ effort and experience. Agreement between 2 companies shows TVC’s growth and Techcombank has a high expectation for TVC”.

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