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MCCorp to launch WikiMobi library for mobile game

On 26/7, Minh Chau Corp (MCCorp) – a member of Tinhvan Group will host the official launching ceremony WikiMobi – the “Encyclopedia” possessing data storage of over 2000 mobile games and over 7 million users for Vietnam game community.


“You just need coding – Let Wiki do Promoting” is the message WikiMobi would like to send the Developers

Mentioning Wiki, we often think about a giant online database with simple use manner, allowing users to freely create and edit content, thereby creating a source of free information for everyone. And this is also MC Corp’s target when creating an open library reserving for Vietnam’s mobile game community called WikiMobi.


WikiMobi – the “Encyclopedia” of Vietnamese gamers

WikiMobi is the place reserving for the mobile game Publishers, individual and organizational developers to advertise and introduce themselves, bringing their products to mobile gaming community quickly and conveniently. For gamers, this will be a helpful channel for further options and opportunities to experience the new games without having to search from different sources.


WikiMobi will become a bridge between the publishers and community

WikiMobi desires to create a common, free and useful playing field reserving for the whole gaming community in Vietnam, a firm and familiar bridge between the gaming community and Publishers, Studios and Developers in the country.

Dieu Quynh