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Tinhvan received the Certificate of Merit from Ministry of Information and Communications

At the 20th anniversary of establishing the company, Mr. Nguyen Minh Hong, Deputy Minister of Inormation and Communications on behalf of the Minister awarded Tinhvan the Certificate of Merit for its contribution to the development of Vietnam IT industry.

Vice Minister appreciated Tinhvan’s efforts over the past 20 years in creating many technological marks as well as its leading position in many technology trends and IT products, making important contributions to not only IT industry but also to other economic and social activities. He also expressed his pleasure to witness Tinhvan’s daily growth of with young, enthusiastic, and potential staff and a distinct cultural identity in domestic IT village.

In Vietnam IT village, Tinhvan is one of the few pioneering companies in various technology trends and IT products such as: search engine, portal, security solutions, digital content portal, provision of mobile game, and owning many number one business software solutions in Vietnam with familiar names such as: Vinaseek, TVIS, HiStaff, Libol, Classbook, etc.

Speaking at the ceremony, Chairman – General Director of Tinhvan Group, Mr. Hoang To, sent a deep gratitude to all the staff for their dedication and effort in building such a today Tinhvan collective, and he was also confident in a bright future of Tinhvan: ” Over 20 years, we are proud to have millions of Vietnamese using search engine Vinaseek.com or service Xalo.vn, and now nearly 10,000 teachers and students daily using digital textbook Classbook instead of heavy schoolbags. We are proud to have built a technology ecosystem, with dozens of platform of resonant products and services, creating the best value for our customers, as well as platforms which help Tinhvan overcome difficulties and enhance its competitiveness”.

From the beginning with 3 founding members, Tinh Van Group now has nearly 500 employees, following the model of Holdings with 6 member units and 4 branches in HCMC. The main business areas of Tinhvan include: Development of software products, construction of professional IT solutions for Governmental and educationalcustomers; Consulting and implementation of ERP, HRM and other IT solutions for Enterprises; Outsourcing and software exports; Development of online services, mobile applications and digital contents; Trading and development of mobile game; Trading and development of electronic book technology.

Tinhvan has received prestigious awards in IT sector in Vietnam in consecutive years from 2002 to 2014: Sao Khue, IT Golden Cup, ICT TOP5, ICT-HCMC Award, Certificate of Merit from the Minister of Information and Communications, etc.Tinhvan’s products and services always win the highest prizes of Vietnam Association for Information Processing, HCM City Computer Association and Vietnam Software Association.

(According to New Ha Noi)