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VINASA awarded Certificate of “Vietnam’s 30 leading ICT companies” to Tinhvan

In the evening of 29/10, in Hanoi, Tinhvan Technology JSC (Tinhvan Group) has been honorably awarded “Top 30 Vietnam’s leading IT companies 2014” by Vietnam Software & IT Services Association (VINASA). With this result, Tinhvan Group has become one of the 30 typical IT companies selected by VINASA and announced to more than 100 countries and territories around the world.

Choosing Event “Vietnam’s 30 leading IT companies 2014” (Vietnam’s 30 leading ICT Companies 2014) was first organized by VINASA for the purpose of choosing 30 leading IT companies of Vietnam in two fields: packaged software and BPO/outsourcing/offshore to introduce and advertise to customers, potential partners in nearly 100 countries and territories worldwide, including 19 companies in the field of offering BPO, IT Outsourcing, Offshore and 11 companies in the field of providing solutions and packaged software. The program aims to help businesses in Vietnam to expand domestic and international market, established their own position and Vietnam’s in the global value-added chain of the IT industry in the world.

vinasaNguyen Minh Hong (on the right), Deputy Minister of Ministry of Information and Communication and representatives of Hanoi city leaders was awarding Certificate of leading ICT company 2014 to Tinhvan Technology JSC.

With the development of 20 years and outstanding technological capacity, Tinhvan was honored to be one of Vietnam’s 11 leading ICT companies in the fields of providing solution and packaged software. Along with stable growth history, hi-tech technological skill, Tinhvan has always been one of the technology master unit and better competitiveness not only in domestic market but also in the international market. In the field of providing solutions, packaged software, Tinhvan is known with outstanding products such as electronic library solution – Libol digital library, Solution of overall administration of HiStaff human resources, TViS portal solutions, e-Government Solutions, Union Online University Software Solutions, electronic textbooks solutions…

Speaking about the event, Tinhvan Group representative said: “Since 2014, Tinhvan’s leaders established Go Global strategy in the period of 5 years to develop the entire Tinhvan Group. Currently, all the unit members had planned to internationalize product’s basis and its services to foreign markets. The event honored Tinhvan to be the top 30 Vietnam’s 30 Leading ICT Companiesis very meaningful to company, as a catalyst to support Tinhvan in spreading up, reaching target with our own Go Global strategy”.