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Japanese business delegation visited and worked at Tinhvan Group

Over 31/10, Management Board of Tinhvan Outsourcing – TVO had reception and working with business delegation of National Software Association of Japan (NSA) to visit and work at Tinhvan Group.

The delegation includes 20 enterprises representatives of Japanese Software Association hold a meeting and discussing at Meeting room 1. Representative of TVO – Mr. Pham Minh Duc – Sales Manager of Japanese market introduced the overview of Leadership and organizational structure and activities of Tinhvan.

dn nhat 1Tinhvan hopes to cooperate and also learn from Japanese ICT companies.

In addition to the introduction of Tinhvan Group, Mr. Duc talked about TVO activities to be able to work best with the Japanese partners: “In three years, Tinhvan Outsourcing have successfully implemented many projects with Japan. To prepare for the enhancement of both size and depth in cooperation with Japan, the company has implemented the Japanese language training for programmers and engineers, but also training in Japanese culture so they can learn how to work with the Japanese.

At the meeting, Japanese partners posed these questions to show their interest in the competitiveness of Tinhvan in comparison with other ones operating in the same field. To reply to this issue, Mr. Duc said: “In comparison with other technology companies in Vietnam, Tinhvan owns many advantages including the ability of being master of the technology and high capabilities accumulated over 20 years of development. Additionally, in the field of software exports, Tinhvan has grew up from the starting point of product development and improvement instead of outsourcing as many other units. This has given Tinhvan distinct competitive advantage because of great valuable experience about the product, market knowledge, customers and partners understanding.”

At the end of the meeting, the business delegation from Japanese Software Association paid a visit to the working space of Tinhvan Group. There, the delegation expressed their impression to young staff, also modern and creative working environment which has its own cultural characteristics

dn nhat 2Representatives of Japanese business delegation were impressed on young staff of Tinhvan

dn nhat 3 Information system screen shown diverse contents attracts the delegation interest

dn nhat 4Tinhvan Outsourcing is a head of Go Global strategy of Tinhvan Group from 2014