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Parents’ day of TVO-ers

TVO Parents’ day – a day for the parents of TVO-ers will officially be held as a tribute of Tinhvan employees to their parents and relatives.

It is regular for engineers working in outsourcing services that they have to work overtime and onsite. In Tinhvan Group, TVO (Tinhvan Outsourcing) is member company with this specific characteristic, and they serve customers in many countries around the world such as Japan, Singapore, the United States… at the same time.

For the foreign customers, their working time is our sleeping time, thus the engineers developing software of TVO can not sleep for working with the customers. In addition, there are projects that TVO-er had to work at partners’ officers for months or years. They have limited time for their families, they have to work in strange cities far away from their home. So, they need the sympathy and strong support from relatives to successfully complete their task. Therefore, TVO Parents’ day – Day for the parents of TVO-er will officially be held as a tribute to their parents and their loved ones.

cha me 1TVO Parents’ Day shall take place in February 7th 2015

In Vietnam, besides FPT, Tinhvan is the second company organizing this meaningful activity for the family of employees in software export sector. The desire to do something meaningful for the individual, the family of staffs is the desire of all business leaders, however, it is not simple to do it.

In TVO, the members mostly come from other provinces, many of TVO-er’s parents are unfamiliar with computers and have never accessed to the Internet. No matter where they live, the parents always expect their children to be successful and have the right to know where their children work? How about the working conditions? And if their kids do not spend a lot of time with the family, the parents always want to know why. Therefore, TVO Parent’s day will be an opportunity for them to understand the characteristics of their children’s work, leading to the strong support and to be more proud of their children.

cha me 2In Vietnam, except for FPT, Tinhvan is the 2nd company to organize Parents’ Day

In this program, parents will be visiting the office of the company, meeting and discussing with leaders of the company, heard the report summarizing the activities of the company during the past one year and work plan in 2015 and talking to their children about the job and working environment. That would be the meaningful time every family wishes to have.

It is hopeful that after this, there are more significant activities of the Tinhvan dedicated to their parents and will spread the message of love to all parents. Wish TVO Parents’ Day be full of love!

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