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Officially announce and sign in commitment OKR 2015

In the morning of January 30th, all members of the Board of Management (BOM), Planning Department, the Board of Directors and key personnel of Tinhvan Group had been in the Hoa Lac Hi-Tech Park to attend the ceremony to announce and sign in the OKR 2015 commitment .

ok 1 The member of Management Board and Board of Directors and Tinhvan Group

After introducing of 10 typical events of Tinhvan Group in 2014, Chairman of the BOM cum CEO of Tinhvan Group – Mr. Hoang To had summarized the activities of Tinhvan last year, including both the achievements and what had not achieved. At the same time, he once again reminded the main point of the new management methods OKR – Objectives and Key Results and emphasized on the 2015 Slogan of each member company of Tinhvan Group.

ok 2The Chairman of BOM – Mr. Hoang To in his presentation

After that, the leader of each member company presented his OKR in 2015 and showed the directions to follow the slogan.

ok 3Mr. Nguyen Ich Vinh – General Director of TVO: TVO 2015 – Centralization for Growth

ok 4Mr. Bui Van Kien – Deputy General Director of TVT: TVT2015 – Continuously creative

It was very grave when the commitment OKR had been signed by the party. Representative of BOM – Mr. Hoang To signed the commitment and gave it to the representatives of each member company.

ok 5TVB 2015: Do not miss any chance

ok 6TVC 2015: Profit – Position – Internal Power

ok7TVS 2015: The mechanism is power

ok 8MCC 2015: Effectiveness in each activity

Start applied from 2015 by Tinhvan Group, OKR was official proclaimed in this ceremony. Chairman of BOM – Mr. Hoang To emphasized the role of strategic meetings like this and he said that Tinh Van should continue doing so that all member company have panoramic view of the TinhVan ecosystem in order to take advantage and outline the best direction.

ok 9Watchword of Tinhvan Group 2015: “2015 – OKR!