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TVG upgrades Vietcombank’s website

In April 2015, Tinhvan Group was selected as the contractor of the package “Upgrading the website of Bank for Foreign Trade of Vietnam (Vietcombank)”. Software Solutions and System Integration Limited Company – Tinhvan Solutions – a member of Tinhvan Group, is awarded with this package.

The period for finishing this package shall be 8 months. Tinhvan Solutions shall use Microsoft Sharepoint Server Platform in deploying this package.


For upgrading Vietcombank’s software, Tinhvan Solutions shall follow the steps: Upgrading Vietcombank Website Portal; cutting and joining the new trade mark indicator; constructing a content management system (CMS); building up operational services such as exchange rate module, interest rate module, fee schedule module, sitemap module…; constructing a site in English; constructing a mobile support Portal; converting data from the former website; providing training on technological transfer in respect of the website upgrade work; constructing a mobile support VCB-IB@NKING version (WAP); providing training on technological transfer for the WAP VCB-IB@NKING module.

That Vietcombank selects Tinhvan Solutions as the contractor for the project of Upgrading Vietcombank’s website again indicates that Tinhvan Solutions is quite able to meet demanding requirements of big partners and customers.