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National High School Examination Training Portal Launching

In order to help students to get the best preparation for the National High School Examination and University Entrance Examination of school year 2016, Vietnam Educational Publisher has just released the National High School Examination Training Portal (Open Beta version) at the address of http://thiquocgia.vn/  with useful functions.

The National High School Examination Training Portal provides two main services are Examination Training and Mock testing for 4 subject with multiple choices test as of Physical, Chemistry, Biology, English. With those 2 services, the future Examiner will have the chances to get familiar to earlier Testing and get better preparation with more confidence. It is not only a online Test application, The National High School Examination Training Portal also brings added values to users through outstanding features.


The exams were compiled by credited and experienced author teams, with the similar structure and difficulty level of official Exams. Furthermore, the Examiners are also being able to practice and test everywhere and when, at any personal computer devices, to rehearse and get familiar with Examination feeling.

Student’s ability will be accordingly evaluated objectively by, beside self-result reflection, each Contestant also can compare their own result with other Contestant. Especially, system will also provide the instruction to students for better reviewing basing on actual testing result.


At the same time, the store of referral books and specialized Exercises along with other related content which will support the students to gain further material for studying are also provided by the Portal