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Tinhvan Group Year-end Ceremony of 2015

On the date of 30/1, all the member of Leader Board and staff of Tinhvan Group attended the Year-end Summing up Ceremony at Trong Dong Palace – Le Van Thiem, Hanoi.

After the opening performance of Tinhvan traditional song as usual, Mr. Hoang To – Head of Chairman Board of Tinhvan Group sum up the activities of the previous year and once again reminded of the strategy of 2016 – 2020: Go Global – Go South – Go Service, with the slogan of year 2016 of Tinhvan Group as “Go Service”.


Mr. Hoang To – Head of Chairman Board of Tinhvan Group with the speech in the ceremony

As in the ceremony, few important roles of Tinhvan Group and member companies were nominated. Accordingly, Mr. Nguyen Quan Son was nominated for the CEO of Tinhvan Holdings position, Mrs. Pham Thu Hang was nominated for the CFO of Tinhvan Holdings, Mr. Bui Van Kien was nominated for CEO of Tinhvan Telecom and Mr. Chu Giang Nam was nominated for CEO of Tinhvan Ebooks.


The nomination ceremony for important roles of Tinhvan Group. First row from left to right: Mr. Bui Van Kien – CEO of Tinhvan Telecom, Mrs. Pham Thu Hang – CFO of Tinhvan Holdings, Mr. Chua Giang Nam – CEO ò Tinhvan eBooks, Mr. Nguyen Quan Son– CEO of Tinhvan Holdings

After few unique performance of each company, the honoring part for best employee with outstanding contribution to Tinhvan Group development in the year of 2015 – Best Employee Ceremony 2015 was hold in the honored atmosphere with the attendance of all member of Chairman Board of Tinhvan Group.

This year, the Best Employees 2015 were awarded with the medal from previous year’s Best Employees of Tinhvan Group, as the continuation of Tinh Van from generation to generation.


Best Supporting Employee: Mrs. Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao (the 4th one from the right) – Marketing Executive of Tinhvan Outsourcing and Mrs. La Thanh Nga (the 3rd one from the right) – Accountant Specialist of Tinhvan Holdings


Best Sale Employees: Mr. Pham Minh Duc (the 2nd from the left) – General Head of Japan Market Department of Tinhvan Outsourcing and Mr. Nguyen Tuong Phong (the 3rd from the left) – Saleman of Tinhvan Solutions


Best IT Employee: Mr. Pham Thanh Cuong (the 2nd from the left) – Head of Integration Department of Tinhvan Solutions and Mrs. Le Thi Tam (the representative of Tinhvan Consulting – the 3rd one from left) – Tinhvan Consulting Project Manager


All member of Tinhvan Group Chairman Board took the picture with Best Employee of year 2015

Few shoots from the ceremony:

12647323_961076373975620_1170880996245564239_nThe staff with long contribution to the development of Tinhvan Group