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Tinhvan Group announcing on 2016 OKR

On the date of 16/1/2016, the signing ceremony of 2016 OKR of Tinhvan Group was officially launched in Hoa Lac High Technology area.

The ceremony gathered the attendance of all Chairman members from Tinhvan Group, Leader Board along with key members of other member companies of Tinhvan Group.


The ceremory gathered al key members of Tinhvan Group

Looking back at 10 most outstanding achievement of Tinhvan Group in 2015 through a short video, Mr. Hoang To –Chairman of Tinhvan Group once again reviewed, evaluated the situation of all group during the year. At the same time, he also gave the opinion over the market as well as set the new strategy for the next period of 2016 – 2020: Go Global – Go South – Go Service.


Mr. Nguyễn Ích Vinh presented on the OKR of Tinhvan Outsourcing in the year of 2016

The leaders of all units respectively presented and analized OKR of year 2016. Even working in different field of technology, all different member companies together putting “Service mindset” to be the guideline of all business activities themselves.

The questions, confusion of key members were answered by Tinhvan Group and member companies’ Leaders thoroughly and dedicately. Through the interview activity, people had chance to understand further on general strategy, the HR policy, reward policy of Tinhvan Group in overall as well as of other member companies.


Mr. Hoang To – Chairman of Tinhvan Group handled the OKR commitment to Mr. Pham thuc Truong Luong – CEO of Tinhvan eBooks (TVB)

The signing and commitment delivery ceremony had been organized in the formal format. Mr. Hoang To had handled personally the commitment of OKR year 2016 to each member companies’ leader, under the observation of Chairman Board and all key members of each member company.


Slogan of year 2016: “Go Service!”