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New version of TVO’s website

On November 20, 2015, Tinhvan Outsourcing – TVO officially launched a new version of the website with modern and user-friendly interface, especially for international customers and partners.

Remaining the blue – white background as mainstream, categories in the Tinhvan Outsourcing’s new website interface are arranged in a systematic and scientific way that helps customers easily find any information about the company, services or projects. Especially, instead of translation function in old website, this new website is split into separate pages (http://tvo.vn and http://tvo.jp) corresponding to English and Japanese language. The design and content is also customized to suit each customer.


Language selection at the top of the  page

The vertical menu bar on the left – right in the sub-categories of the new website not only helps users track the information and navigate more conveniently but also acts as a tour guide taking users to have a visit around TVO.


Vertical menu bar in the sub-categories

In order to make the website more suitable for international customers, especially Japanese one, the information in the new version is more detailed. The completed projects in the “Case Study” are also logically classified based on the industry as well as the value brought to customers and partners of TVO. In the competitive and volatile business environment today, the technology partners are expected not only to be knowledgeable about technical issues but also to have the ability to consult and support customers for core business to increase competitive value of their enterprises. With the acknowledgement of this, during 9 years of operation and development, TVO has not only improved the knowledge, experience and skills in technology but also in-depth mastered the business of different industries such as: Logistics, Automotive, Marketing, Healthcare, Tourism … The Vertical Domains are shown on this new website is the clearest expression of the content of knowledge obtained by TVO with his serious and professional working attitude.


The projects are arranged in different industries

In particular, at the foot of the page, users can easily observe the key markets of TVO currently through a small map. These are the places where TVO has scored himself through many successful projects with big customers. Hopefully, TVO in the near future will also reach out more to many other markets so that the map is marked with more milestones with offices located in many countries the world.


A map at the foot of the page

Concerning http://tvo.jp/ for the Japanese market, with particularly high demands on quality and accuracy, the information on international certificates applied in the company’s projects is put on the homepage, announcing a speech about project process and quality implemented by TVO. This is one of the points tailored for these strategic customers. Launching http://tvo.jp/ together with the establishment of TVO in Japan shows TVO’s determination to enter the Japanese market.


Certificates showing project process and quality implemented by TVO

The strategy of Go Global has expressed more and more clearly through many changes in TVO recently: the establishment of TVO in Danang and Japan in the coming time, together with the new website designed suitably with international clients, all of these are ready for “offshore” success in the future of the ship named TVO.