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Digital Textbook Classbook are full-used by the Vietnam – British School

In the new school year 2015-2016, the Vietnam – British International Secondary School and High School (Hochiminh City) has started using digital textbooks Classbook in the whole school to replace paper textbooks in teaching and learning activities, while changing the traditional classrooms to interaction-model classrooms, ensuring the class periods become more vivid and interesting.

This is the first school in HCMC decided to synchronously use electronic Classbook after a thorough testing period. With the new learning tools, the teachers and school pupils enters the school year with significant changes in the way of teaching and learning in the classroom.

Anh 1

Vietnam British school pupils are using electronic Classbook in a Math Lesson

With Classbook, students can exploit the multimedia content like listening to songs, stories, or pronouncing English; watching videos illustrating an experiment or a natural and social phenomena; interacting with simulation applications, virtual experiments; doing exercises or tests under a test form. These features help to improve children’ learning, especially the self-study becomes more intuitive and funny.

The most different feature of the new classroom model in Vietnam – British School is the interoperability between teachers and pupils that helps to utilize the advantages of tablet devices with interactive content that the electronic classbook can provide.

Having direct interaction on Classbook with the support of the projectors, the teachers of Vietnamese British school can grasp the learning process of each pupil in the class and can share documents, assignments, tests to students in both directions. These activities help teachers save a lot of time while the students actually became the center of the learning process.

Anh 2

Teachers can monitor students’ activities through Classbook

The pupils in Vietnam British school are fascinated and active in the learning process because the whole class is connected with each other through interactive Classbook classroom. It is easy now for pupils to discuss and work in group work as well as to do homework on their own device. These studying applications with interactive features make the lesson become more intuitive and the pupils are more active in the lessons whether it is foreign language courses, Science or Mathematics.

Anh 3

The Vietnam British school pupils to discuss and share via Classbook