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The 2015 Tinh Van Book Festival – Feel the books!

Following the success of the 2014 Book Festival, in Wednesday evening of September 09, 2015, Tinhvan Group has held The 2015 Tinh Van Book Festival with the desire to spread Tinhvaners’ passion for books, as well as to creat a festival for book lovers to interact and share their books.

Joining the Festival, Tinhvaners had opportunities to meet the guest – Education Doctor Nguyen Thuy Anh who is the Chairman of the Reading with your children Club and is the author of numerous articles on My Tinhvan, and shared and introduced their own favorite books.


Tinhvaners are eagerly waiting for Thuy Anh’s talking

According to Ms. Thuy Anh, “readers should not be lazy”. In the process of reading, we may agree or disagree with authors’ point of views, but absolutely create our own thinking. A book can be good with someone but bad to others, simply because of people’ experience.


Ms. Thuy Anh shared her reading skills

She also advised the Tinhvaners to find books that are worth reading: “When you read a book, if it does not make you moved in the first 10 pages, you should stop reading it”. At the same time, let’s see the time, if a book is still found and read by a lot of people after 100 years, just trust that is a good book.


Mr. Nguyễn Minh Hoàng introduced the book of 80/20 Principle

The next part of the event is the “Books Recommendation” competition for Tinhvaners judged by Ms. Thuy Anh. Three performances of introduction with different styles: Nguyen Minh Hoang (MCC) with the book “The 80/20 Principle” (Richard Koch), Nguyen Thi Hai Yen (TVi) with “Look After Mom” ​​(Shin Kyung-sook) and Truong Anh Dung (TVi) – a “big fan” of the writer Nguyen Nhat Anh – with “Black Eyes”.


Photos of Ms. Thuy Anh and 3 Tinhvaners sharing the books

At the end of the books exchange activities, everyone found their favorite books, especially some people found 4-5 books. And it makes more sense when happy and satisfied smiles appeared on all Tinhvaners’ faces.


Tinhvaners are selecting books for themselves at the Festival

The 2015 Tinh Van Book Festival has achieved certain success, especially in spreading the love of books and “feel the books”. We do hope that the festival will become an annual activity and a cultural beauty of Tinh Van.