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Trust of Japanese Enterprise in HiStaff

Known as the leading fodder in Japan, Kyodo Sojitz feed company limited has invested in Vietnam since 2013 to expand the market. The company affirmed Japanese preeminent products and gradually occupy the exciting market of feed in Vietnam. Kyodo Sojitz’s capital is $ 27 million


Kyodo Sojitz Plant

With great potential and desire of professional management and development, Kyodo Sojitz carefully considered human resource solutions. In June 2017, Kyodo Sojitz signed a contract with Tinhvan Consulting Company (Tinhvan Consulting).to implement human resource management software called Histaff HiStaff will be carried out in Kyodo Sojitz to solve all HR problems such as salary; planning, human resource management; It’s not just a tool in human resources management at Kyodo Sojitz, HiStaff is not only a human resource management tool, but it is also a professional solution with “unique” features of native Kyodo Sojitz. Thus, Histaff is a suitable solution basing on the customer’s requirement. With the working experience for hundreds of organizations, medium and large enterprises – including multinational corporations – Tinhvan Consulting believes HiStaff’s “professional” and “unique” factors are significant foundation which makes Histaff go together with customers and partners’ development.