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Miss 4.0 at Tinhvan Group vi

On the International Women Day (8/3) this year, Tinhvan Group held a special program to select Miss 4.0.

Miss 4.0 of Tinhvan will be examined by a special judge – the only one in Tinhvan – That is HiFace system – the product of TVLab which is developed based on AI technology. The Ladies appear in front of HiFace’s camera will be scored based on the formula of the golden ratio face given by the Scientists, but not the evaluation by human feelings.

Model of the points and proportions of the face

At 14:00 pm on March 8, 2019, the HiFace grading system closed and the Organizers announced the hot results at the ceremony to honor the Tinhvan Ladies in the Conference Room of 2 Dong Tay Café – 79 Wei Nhu Kon Tum. The Lady received the highest score of 80 by HiFace – is Ms. Trinh Thi Tho – TVS programmer. Thus, Tho has a ratio of standard facial features close to the golden ratio. Congratulations to Ms. Tho.

Grading system on the 08th floor of Tinhvan Group

As one of the leading companies in technology trends, Tinhvan is developing many 4.0 technology products. HiFace is one of the pioneering products of AI technology application. In the time to come, Tinhvan plans to increase the content of AI in all its products.