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October 20th – The day of Tinhvan fairies vi

11 years ago, Octorber 20th was selected as Tinh Van Women’s day to honour all the important contributions of female employees by Tinhvan Group’s Executive Board . This year, this event was warmed up with a cozy and exciting family party.

Wish all Tinhvan fairies beauty and happiness

10 am on October 20th 2011, on behalf of the Executive Board , (Mr) Bui Van Kien – Deputy Director of Administration and Human Resources,(Mr) Nguyen Quan Son – Deputy Director of Finance and Information system and (Mr) Phan Quang Minh – Deputy General Director of Communications  visited each deparment, giving flowers and sent best wishes to Tinhvan’s women to celebrate Vietnam’s women day in general and Tinhvan Fairies’ day in particular. After that, all female employees were invited to participate in a party at Kichi-Kichi – a hot pot conveyor restaurant located on Hoang Dao Thuy street route.

The party expressed the warm and friendly atmosphere like a real family; all people sat around hot pot conveyors, toasted and spoke typical slogans of Tinhvan loudly. Male employees also did not miss a precious chance to take care of Tinhvan Fairies. They scurried around tables, toasted and asked whether there was anything missing or needed something. This made all Tinhvan women really moving.

All the contributions of Tinhvan fairies always were, are and will be respected by all male employeesbecause of not only the closeness and devotion but also the indispensable role in Tinhvan Group. On the occasion of Vietnam’s Women day and Tinhvan’s Women day, we wish all female employees beauty and all of you will always inspire for Tinhvan’ male employees.

Deputy General Director of Communications –  (Mr) Phan Quang Minh congratulated Tinhvan Fairies’ day