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Launching English learning game “Quizi Bee”

Educational ebooks Distribution Company, one member of Vietnam Educational Publisher has recently launched Quizi Bee study game supported to English in secondary school grade.

bee1With friendly interface, vivid illustrations integrating familiar name of schools, the game just requires concentration, dexterity and also trains English grammar retention effectively.

Players will guide bee to overcome obstacles, and contemporaneously answer random questions in English to take bees to the next levels.

bee2The questionnaire is established sticking with the English curriculum in grade 6, 7, 8, 9. The system default order filter random questions in different groups of grammar. The application will help students practice deep retention, master grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation and can actively increase challenges with a lot of advanced questions.

bee3This application is established for Classbook Ebook, one product of EDC to build and implement and now available on Classbook store (http://classbook.vn.store_detail/2209) However, this application can be installed and used in Android tablets.

Free download app at:


To explore more utilities and study applications from Classbook, it can be ordered Classbook at:


Previously, EDC introduced another application named “I do math” with the orientation to elementary school students.