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Continuing the training for junior managers and key personnel

From 4 to 8/11/2014, Tinhvan Group (TVG) organized a training course “Enhancing capacity for junior managers and key personnel” to introduce important skills to improve effectiveness of management.

Lecturers of the course were Teacher Mr. Phan Anh Luu and Teacher Nguyen Quoc Cuong – expert in teaching soft skills. There were three main topics: setting up and controlling the implementation of plans; decentralizing and consigning duties; Motivating and inspiring for working, training courses have been numerous officials and employees from all units of TVG to join.

daotao1 This course attracted a lot of management staff and key personnel from units of TVG to join.

In the first two training sessions, teachers focused on communicating to students the basic knowledge about the classification of employees to manage and planning skills, working organization. Accordingly, there was no right method or a management style for every situations, every human subjects. Lecturer Cuong said: “Management is a continuous process and has high flexibility.”

daotao2The process of planning and implementing organizational work should be carried out in accordance with the DOME (Diagnosis – Objective – Methodology – Evaluation)

In the last two training sessions, with the method of organizing discussion groups based on common situations in process management, lecturer Phan Anh Luu led the students to grasp the process of decentralization and fiduciary duties – one of the truly important tasks of managing employees.

Following the training component of decentralization and fiduciary duties, the participants of the training were introduced three important theories (theory of needs Maslow, Herzberg’s two-factor theory and the theory of Vroom expectations) which can capture the psychology of employees and motivate them to do their work and develop themselves better.

daotao3Groups discussed to make the best process of fiduciary

Not only in teaching theoretical issues and assigning homework on management of common situations, training sessions also took the time to give students practical situations in management at Tinhvan group and time to think, discuss, debate to implement a solution.

Training course “Enhancing capacity for junior managers and key personnel” in the training sequence of Tinhvan Group in 2014, aimed at fostering not only knowledge management but also soft skills to help managers improve their capacity and performance.

There are some pictures of courses