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Tinh Van Group accompanied with the project “Steps to Laugh” of a group of students in grades 4

On the evening of December 5th 2015, at the awarding ceremony of application programming for mobile devices – “Convergence 2014”, Tinhvan Technology JSC and the Vietnam Internet Association have awarded the third prize for Ideas of the project “Steps to Laugh” of a group of 4th grade students from Nguyen BinhKhiem primary school (Cau Giay District, Hanoi). At the same time, Tinh Van Incubator- a unit of Tinhvan Group shall directly guide a group of students in implementing the project to turn their ideas into completed products.

Launched from August 2014, the contest “Convergence 2014” has attracted the attention and participation of numerous individuals, the authors over the whole country. Although this is the first time holding the contest, there are more than 132 documents submitted to the contest for both types: Completed Ideas and Completed Products. Among the awarded products and Ideas this year, the application “Steps to Laugh” of a group of students from grades 4 in Hanoi has created many surprises to the Judge of the Contest.

stepsMr. PhanQuang Minh – Communication Director of Tinhvan Group and Mr. Vu Hoang Lien – Chairman of Vietnam Internet Association are awarding to representative of the group of the idea “Steps to Laugh”, who won the third prize of “Completed Idea” of the convergence 2014 competition.

With a very simple, innocent and humane idea: “How to have fun every day,” students with the teacher and the instructor gave a detailed sketch for their products. Accordingly, this product is designed to help users to relax, have fun and get surprise and pleasant moments. By accessing the application, users will access to the entertainment content such as jokes, comedy video clips, quizzes, pictures with quips and unexpected situations (user shall interact under the guidance of applications) … The content is updated randomly from the rich source of applications. Estimated amount of content provided in the launch time are: 300 jokes, 300 comedy clips, 100 puzzles, 300 images with quips, 100 unexpected situations.

Difference and the creation of this product compared with many sources of entertainment content on the website or other mobile is the ability to choose the appropriate content for the users. By building algorithm that uses parameters to analyze some properties related to the user, the application will provide the most relevant content to the users’ hobbies and demand. Besides creativity, this application also ensures the soundness of entertainment content. Products are designed to avoid troubles of advertisement and especially information security issues from the malicious virus and malicious content.

In terms of technology, this application uses the Unity Engine to design and develop tools with rendering of 2D or 3D, physical engine (for calculation and the collision detection), sound, source, animation, artificial intelligence, data processing, memory management and internet connection.