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TVC successfully signed contract with Mai Linh Group

On December 26th, 2014, Tinh Van Enterprise Applications Consulting JSC (Tinhvan Consulting – TVC) had signed the contract “Deployment of Human Resource Management Software Solution HiStaff” with Mai Linh Group in Ho Chi Minh City.

In order to solve the problem of drivers’ information management over the country under the new Circular of the State in a uniform way, HiStaff will be applied in all units of MLG – The Company having a operation network across 54 provinces with over 100 member companies, attracting over 27,000 employees working in the country and abroad. The scope of deployment includes 8 modules: Staff Profile Management Module, Labor Management Module, Payroll Management Module, Insurance Management Module, Recruitment Management Module, Training Management Module, Evaluation Management Module, Administration Module. Besides, TVC will help MLG integrate HiStaff system to other management systems.

Deployment time of HiStaff system is expected to divide into 3 phases. After the construction of employee records, insurance, timekeeping, payroll and portal, TVC will conduct training, evaluation and recruitment, finally integrate HiStaff to other management systems.

mai linhHiStaff brings to MLG an effective management tool which is compliant to business processes from job posting to the permanent leave of an employee (including the job and other activities). At the same time, this solution also manages working time and labor, support payroll calculation more quickly and accurately with large-scale and distributed personnel.

Having met professional and high-expertise requirements and demand of the client, HiStaff again confirm the reputation and brand of best manpower solutions for medium and large corporations in Vietnam.