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Happy birthday to 21-year-old Tinhvan Group

On July 21st, all staff members of Tinhvan Group had a team-building meeting to celebrate the Company’s 21st anniversary at Khoang Xanh – Suoi Tien Resort, Ba Vi.

At the opening, members of Tinh Van joined the ceremony as normal. After looking back after 21 years with a short video clip, Mr. Hoang To – Chairman of Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer of Tinhvan Group and 3 founders of Tinh Van, Mr. Nguyen Quan Son, Mr. Nguyen Son Tung and Mr. Nguyen Khanh Hoan, shared their stories in a very friendly way about the efforts, endeavours and sentiments among the members of Tinh Van during the past time. In making his speech, the Chairman of Board of Directors Hoang To summarized significant achievements of Tinhvan Group and its member companies in the six beginning months of this year: 2015 is the year hoped that Tinhvan Group will gain highest profits ever in its history, the Go Global strategy affirmed its position after representing 15% of the total revenues of the Group, which will continue strongly developing in the coming time, the Southern market was restructured and oriented in terms of strategy, creating a driving force for the development in the following years, and, with the establishment of TVr, in 2015, Tinh Van is offering breakthrough technological products to the market.


Mr. Hoang To – Chairman of Board of Directors and CEO of Tinhvan Group making a speech at the ceremony


Mr. Hoang To and 3 foundes together raised their glasses to celebrate Tinh Van’s 21st anniversary

At the ceremony, Chairman of Board of Directors Hoang To, on behalf of the Management Board, awarded campaign medals and certificate of merit to the members who have long-term contribution to Tinhvan Group. Among whom, Ms. Dang Thanh Thuy – Specialized Accountant – dedicated her 15 years of youth and enthusiasm to the development of Tinh Van, Ms. Chu Lan Phuong – Vice Head of General Division – has also gone together with the Company for 10 years.

Trao kỷ niệm chương

Members who have long term contribution to the development of Tinhvan Group

Right after the ending of the opening ceremony, all the members of Tinh Van joined a team-building activity with a series of games which helps to enhance the connection and sense of team work. Almost 400 members from 6 different units, even though not known to one another before, formed teams in this festive day, showing the unanimous determination to succeed.


All members of Tinh Van joined the game called “Unifying Tinh Van”

Laugh, talk was full of the conference room from the opening to the ending of the program, echoing the age of 21 and echoing always forever…

Followings are some images of the program:


Dance performance at the opening


All members of Tinh Van together sang the traditional song of Tinh Van called ‘Tinh Van Ca”