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Tinhvan Group trained on Fire prevention and fighting

On Friday, 4 September 2015, about 50 members of Tinhvan Group took part in a course of training and introduction to Fire prevention and fighting to equip themselves with the necessary knowledge and the way to cope a fire when facing it at anywhere.

Lecturer of this training course, Mr. Nguy Xuan Truong – Former captain of Hoang Mai fire prevention and fighting team.

After introducing to history of Fire prevention and fighting (FPF), Mr. Truong analyzed about the FPF law and responsibility of each member of the company on FPF through real stories when he worked at Hoang Mai FPF team. Cause of fires is very diverse, from gas cylinder explosion, using old household electrical appliances to careless in routine daily activities.

According to him, “man is priceless”, therefore, each person should equip himself with FPF knowledge to protect himself and those around him. Each organization, enterprise should always ready whenever a fire occurs.


Mr. Truong trained on fire prevention and fighting through real stories by his witty wording

For individuals, he guided to the members of Tinh Van how to use and check the safety of household appliances, and presented emergency ways for each different fire cause. For company, he suggested that the companies should have a separate exit system and facilities of FPF such as: exit lights, emergency exits, ventilation, fire extinguishers…


According to Mr. Truong, each family should have two fire extinguishers

Mr. Truong did also introduce, classify and guide how to use fire extinguishers. For companies with many computers like Tinh Van, air tank is the best. However, each company should have both cylinders (air tank and powder jar) to use in many different circumstances.