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VNEPH releases national entrance exam prative portal

In order to support the for students nationwide in practicing for National Entrance Exam of the year 2016, Vietnam Education Publisher had released the National Entrance Exam practicing portal at the address of http://thiquocgia.vn. With the mocking tests and exam practicing content which were compiled by creditable & experienced teachers and experts, thiquocgia.vn will help the Tester in having the best preparation for the upcoming test.

The practicing portal primarily provides 2 services as Test Practice and Mocking Test, currently applying for 4 subjects including Physics, Chemistry, Biology & English, will be soon add Math and Literature. All the content were compiled and edited by the Functional Consultant Board including teachers and experts, which closely relevant and updated according to latest amendment of Ministry of Education & Training.

Mrs. Bùi Thúy Hiền – Biology techer, Lương Thế Vinh High School (Hanoi) reviewed: “The Test follows closely to the studying program and matched with overall standard of students in all school. The exam was consolidated well, and the knowledge covers throughout the studying content to avoid studying tricks. The student with high grade are sure the one who get comprehensive training. The cram portal thiquocgia.vn is convenient as the student can practice, evaluate their own ability, then adjust and fulfill the knowledge to achieve the best result in the upcoming Extrance Exam. The mocking test through Internet is more and more familiar to Highschool students nowadays.”


Mr. Vũ Văn Hùng – General Director of Vietnam Education Publishers gave a speech on the launching date of 16/3/2016

The Test cram service allows the students to test everywhere and when, in any devices from computers, tablet or smarphone, which support students to train & get familiar with the Exam. The test of same subject will have same difficulty level and structure, to ensure the credit of the test result. The answers and explanation for each questions will be published right after click on “Submit” button. At the same time, the system will automatically suggest the practice instruction through analyzing the test result of students, which support to quickly and effectively fill in the gaps in knowledge.

Besides, there will be 12 mocking Exam being organized weekly from April to June with the same test. The Tester will have chance to experience the feeling of real test when required to submit the test within the allowed time, and only know the answer after the test completion. Especially, the Tester can compare the result to get their current ability, through that to give the best decision in the upcoming National Entrance Exam test.


Mr. Vũ Văn Hùng – General Director of Vietnam Education Publishers (middle), Mr. Phan Xuân Thành – Deputy Director, General Editor of Vietnam Education Publishers (the 3nd from the right), Mr. Phạm Thúc Trương Lương – Chief of Tinhvan Ebooks  (the 3nd from the left) pressed the button to release the National Entrance Exam test portal for high school student Quốc gia thiquocgia.vn

In the portal, there also other supporting content such as Digital Book stores and test training document from Vietnam Education Publishers, the cram test clip from Natural Science High school (Vietnam National University), along with thousands of specific subjects with updated news of 2016 Exam season.