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Lan Chi Mart optimizes Human Resource Management Process with Histaff.

In June, 2017, Lan Chi Mart has officially signed a contract to implement Human Resource Management Solution ( HiStaff) of Tinhvan Consulting.

Lan Chi Company was established in 1995, initially as a small and medium enterprise, distributing consumer goods in the Western area of ​​Hanoi. In 2007, Lan Chi expanded its market network and built up a retail supermarket system in suburban areas to supply the goods to consumers through the supermarket system called Lan Chi Mart.


Lan Chi Mart launched the project in June, 2017


With over 20 years of experience, Lan Chi has become the largest and most professional distributor in the North and is the strategic partner of many famous enterprises in the world such as Unilever, Calofic Company, Dutch Lady Company, etc.


Central Group Vietnam is also a strategic shareholder of Lan Chi Mart. Central Group Vietnam is well- known for its acquisition of Big C supermarkets system in Vietnam; its acquisition 49% share of Nguyen Kim and its cooperation with Nguyen Kim to purchase 100% share of the e-commerce network Zalora.

As the significant growing scale and rapid growth of human resources, Lan Chi Mart considered many options of human resource management solutions and finally decided to select HiStaff of Tinhvan Consulting.

HiStaff will bring an optimal human resource management tool for Lan Chi Mart which centralizes and ensures the accuracy of human resource management; supports management decision- making through multi-dimensional HR reporting; analyses personal management data. In addition, it improves the efficiency in HR management and performs all automated human tasks on the system to minimize any errors occurred. At the same time, HiStaff will assist Lan Chi Mart with automated warning utilities that helps HR staff handling the job accurately and in time; or implement  automatically HR services such as: declaring personal information, checking payroll, registering online on leave, OT, etc. via the HR portal.

Being an experienced software company with diversified customers in many different industries – including many customers in the distribution field such as Lan Chi Mart, Tinhvan Consulting is confident to bring a solution for Lan Chi Mart to optimize the human resource process, thereby increasing the efficiency and profitability to enterprises.