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Education EBooks Distribution JSC. (EDC) In Co-operation with Mobifone

Recently, EDC and Mobifone have officially cooperated in the service called “Hoclien” applying for all prepaid and postpaid subscribersHoclien is a service of  e-book library interacting with a source of diverse, copyrighted and specific textbooks and e-learning materials such as interactive textbooks; supplementary books; teacher’s book from grade 1 to 12; reference books and tests; applications

Available Services:

– Website /http://hoclien.vn/

– Message via numbers 9589

–App Store or Google Play

Hoclien has a variety of packages including from 7 days to 1 year for different requirements… Especially, customers will get additional benefits such as using http://thiquocgia.vn and http://hoclien.vn after registering successfully

* EDC has been jointly invested by Tinhvan Education (TVE) and Vietnam Education Publishing House since September 2012.