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Tinhvan Group reviewed the first six months of operation

In the middle of July, Tinhvan had a meeting to sum up the first half of the year 2017

Overall view of the meeting.

Overall view of the meeting.

The Chairman – Hoang To had a preliminary summary of the Group generally. In the first half of 2017, Tinhvan also received many good news despite some difficulties. In particular, new projects, contract and the plans for Go Global campaign already got good results. The Board of Directors identified orientation and direction for all member companies to grasp opportunities for upcoming development.

Next, CEOs of member companies made their own presentation about their own company’s operation in the first two quarters, protection of OKR and business plan in the third quarter and the rest of the year with appropriate adjustments

Hopefully, the second half of next year, with the positive change of the Board of Directors, the Board of Directors, the entire Tinhvan Group will reach and exceed the business targets, excellent completion OKR has set out since the beginning of the year.