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Tinhvan launched recruitment portal

Over 11/11, Tinhvan officially launched recruitment portal at http://tuyendung.tinhvan.com/. This is resulted from Speedy Apply Project of Tinhvan incubator – TVi cooperating with HR department to promote the efficiency of recruitment activities as well as improve personnel records management of Tinhvan Group.

Recruitment portal is designed with a modern and intelligent interface showing all employment information at home page, help the candidates easily update the latest information about the position to be employed in each unit of Tinhvan Group. Besides, for each employment information, candidates can apply online at the “Apply”. To save time, recruitment portal allows candidates to directly upload individual CV to the system. After uploading completed, the system will automatically send to the candidate IQ and English online tests via personal email. Results of tests will be graded automatically and stored in the administration system. Thereby, HR department can easily manage the recruitment information and profiles of candidates.

cong thong tin 2New interface of system is younger and more attractive.

Compared with the previous version, recruitment portal of Tinhvan is now added smart and modern search filters feature. This solution is integrated into the email system of Tinhvan, helping organize the recruitment process to be unified and centralized. Any CV sent successfully will receive a confirmation email from Tinhvan. At the same time, all candidates can sign up to receive newsletters from TVE recruitment via email.

cong thong tin

 In addition to “Help” which provides cm questions from candidates, online chat window always lighting at the right corner of the screen will be ready to answer questions of the candidates at any time.

In addition to provide recruitment information, the portal also brings to the candidates an overview of Tinhvan through the items: Tinhvan’s people, cultural activities, historiography of Tinhvan linked from the page My.tinhvan.com. This can help the candidates better understand the working environment of their future.

Ms. Chu Lan Phuong – HR Department Manager said: “This product is really helpful for HR department. Hopefully, after the successful launch, all units in Tinhvan will use and exploit efficient data channel “.

Representatives of Tinhvan Incubator project team, Leader Kieu Thanh Pham shared on difficulties in the implementation process: “Team work composed of four members had to try very hard to be able to make a Actual quality product. Sometimes there are disagreements between the content group and technology group, but everyone has discussed and made the most viable option. In particular, the time of project implementation is at same time the office at floor 2 in the process of remodeling with the loud noise from the dam breaking, drilling, but all members are still in code and test, even contempt grinding work all weekend to try to finish in time for the deadline.”