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MCCorp launched Flashmob street performance

On 23/11, Minh Chau Entertainment JSC – MCCorp launched an impressive Flashmob street performance called “Love Yourself Enough To…” at the areas of Ly Thai To monument – Hoan Kiem – Hanoi.

In the recent time, Social networks in Vietnam have repeatedly mentioned the message “Love Yourself Enough To”. With the humanistic as well as hitting psychology and living way of people, simple sentence but was strongly supported, including MCCorp gamer community.

To respond to this message and help spread the message more strongly to Ha Thanh youth in particular and the country in general, MCCorp launched flashmob street performances on 23.11.2014 at 10.00 at Ly Thai monument (Hoan Kiem – Hanoi).

The event had the participation of 30 professional dancers, the famous dance clubs in Hanoi with a lot of young people who had registered to participate in the event’s official Fanpage.

flash One girl group was outstanding and attractive at the event.

flash2Performance named “Flashmob – Love Yourself Enough To…” with the strong message from new youth generation

flash3The event spreads the message about life of the young who love and improve themselves.

Especially, MCCorp expected to bring to the community a new different look in the gamer community. No longer being the sexy and dark-cheesy pictures… instead, they are the voice, the message about the lives of young people to love and perfecting themselves.