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Releasing the Mobile Lockscreen Advertising Application – Mola

On the date of 03/03/2016, Tinhvan Group officially launch the Application of Mobile Lockscreen Advertising on the mobile screen naming Mola. This is the entertaining application with vividly image, visual clips which will bring joyfulness to users and help them to earn money easily.

Mobile advertisement is considered as the trend of Internet in the world and Vietnam. Catching this trend, Tinhvan Group officially launch Mola – Paid per Advertisement display application. Mola – which stands for Mobile Lockscreen Advertising – the advertising platform in the Lockscreen, was built under the corporation between Korea partner & Tinhvan Group and was executed in Vietnam. This is the very first Mobile Lockscreen Advertising for mobile phone and tablet which using Android operation system and later. With friendly and simple interface, users can easily experience and master Mola in a very short period.


Mola’s interesting lockscreen

The most advantages of Mola in comparison with other application is the factor that this will not cause the unpleasant to users. Mola does not require you to interact with the advertisement. Once opening the mobile phone lockscreen, users can left slide to interact with the advertisement and get the bonus points with Mola. If do not like, users can right slide to open the screen as usual. You also can choose the time to open Mola application with only single manipulation.


Smart lockscreen which will not bring inconvenience to customers

Mola brings full surprises to users through daily interesting news, funny clips, hot applications and top game title at the time. Not only bring the entertaining things, which brings joys, Mola also help users to earn more money easily through the Lockscreen with 4 simple steps: Installation – interacting with the advertisement – receiving bonus points – gift exchange. Completing mission in Offerwall also helps to bring big points. With the message of “Make fun – make money”, users can easily earn the bonus points and valuable gifts such as: mobile cards, game cards, film vouchers… At maximum, you can be able to be shared up to 50% advertisement fee by Mola.


4 simple teps for Money Making Online with Mola

For the advertisement agencies, with the capacity to approach users basing on selected age, genders, locations… criteria, Mola provides effective Mobile Marketing service and decreases 30-50% of cost. Basing on experience in different markets, CTR of Mola’s similar advertisement application was 2 times higher than other advertisement types in Mobile. Mola is the no.1 choice for the purpose of user acquisition of applications, new games that require large number of users in a short period, or new products that expect to create brand impression in users’ mind, or to spread the news in a fastest way…


Mola is the effective mobile marketing channel for products, services or events

Mr. Bùi Văn Kiên – Deputy Director of Tinhvan Group speaks: “For users, we expect Mola to be a smart application in the Mobile which will be warmly welcome. It can be said that Mola “2 in 1” is both entertaining and money making efficiently. For advertisement agencies, we are confident that Mola is the effective and huge cost saving Mobile Marketing channel”.


Simple gift exchange with Mola

On the event of launching, Mola gives 3,000 bonus points to users for first interact, 2,000 points for friends invitation. Along with this, there will be interesting events and gifts including hundred of CGV film tickets and mobile cards up to 100,000 dong. Besides, there will be lots of interesting events waiting for you when experiencing with Mola.

Learn more about Mola here:

Download the application here

Homepage: http://mola.vn/

Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/molavietnam