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Tinhvan Consulting at HRA conference

On the date of 18/09/2016, the annual Seminar “Personnel Arrangement & HR planning for an active and more sustainable organizations” by HR Association – HRA was held in Hanoi. Mr. Nguyen Huy Cuong – Head of the Chairman board cum Chief of Tinhvan Consulting company (TVC) attended the conference as a speaker of the event.

The conference focused on discussing and clarify 2 main topics: (1) Personnel arrangement – methodology, tool and context; (2) HR planning and implementing – talent management issues.

At the opening of the conference, Mrs. Nguyen Thi Nam Phuong – Deputy Chief, General Consultant of OCD Management Joint Stock Company about the popular personnel calculation method. After that, the attendants were divided into groups to practice on personnel calculation for a real case of Phu Quy company. The atmosphere of the conference room was heat up during the discussion & presentation of their own group’s answer.

The following part of the conference has the theme of personnel arrangement at Tinhvan Consulting company with the presentation of CEO Nguyen Huy Cuong. Mr. Cuong shared the story of personnel arrangement at Tinhvan Consulting with the difficulties in HR downsize practice during economic crisis stage. At the position of an CEO, Mr. Cuong brought to the conference a new look on personnel arrangement of a leader with more than 10 years of experience at enterprise operation to provide HR management staff for Vietnam market.


Mr. Nguyen Huy Cuong as the conference speaker

The last presentation was of Mr. Michael Potter, the members of members of UK HR Management Association, CEO of MPA Consulting company on HR arrangement in the global environment. He also shared the practice & interesting story about Personnel arrangement at Google, Starbucks, Siemens.

The remaining time in the afternoon at the same day was the QA part to speakers. There were lots of interesting questions such as: How to communicate to employee in the succession program? How to manage talents? Do we need to measure the personnel arrangement? Do we need to re-structure when comes to personnel planning? Concerning to succession planning, Mr. Nguyen Huy Cuong share the opinion: “The succession planning should be the corporation between leaders, middle managers and the employee”. He also shared, “It should be like that in the theory, but comes to actual practice in Vietnam it is really challenging”.