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TVC rolling out Histaff solution into SCB

In the morning of 30/3/2016, The Project Kich start Ceremony for HiStaff implementation for Saigon Commercial Bank (SCB) was held formally in Hochiminh City with the attendance of SCB Leader Board along with Tinhvan Consulting (TVC) Leader Board – the Implementing Unit.

HiStaff – determining customer’s trust

According to the plan, Tinhvan Consulting will implement HiStaff solution for SCB with several Modules like Recruitment, Employee Profile, Insurance Management, Working Schedule management & time Management… along with implementing the portal for SCB’s staff within 6 months.


Mr. Nguyễn Huy Cương – Chairman of Tinhvan Consulting (left) & Mr. Diệp Bảo Châu – SCB Deputy Chef at the Kick Start Ceremony

Speaking at the Kick Start ceremony, Mr. Diệp Bảo Châu – SCB Deputy Chef said: “During recent years, SCB had achieved giant leap in the Finance – banking market. Up to the end of 2015, SCB was listed in top 8 Vietnam biggest private sectors and at top 6 biggest Vietnam Commercial joint Stock Bank. In order to meet the demand of development, there was a respectively increase in the staff scale, which led to the need of a replacement for legacy HR management system.

The new HR system was expected to integrate with online website, recruitment website, KPI software, E-:earning as well as fulfill and enhance HR management functionalities which match with the HR management strategy of SCB in the upcoming time.

Through a certain time for researching between both parties, SCB made the decision to choose Tinhvan Consulting tobe the unit to provide HR management solution of HiStaff. We strongly believe that Tinhvan Consulting with many years of experience in the designing & implementing HR software along with experienced experts with good understanding at both IT & HR management, will help SCB to create a HR management system that meet the requirement.”


The Kick Start ceremony for HiStaff Implementation for SCB in the morning of 30/3

HiStaff is expected to bring to SCB an effective management tool, follow completed process flows from the Recruitment stage till the Seperation of employee (including business trip & activities). At the same time, HiStaff also support to manage the timesheet & working days of employee, to help SCB to get faster, more accurate Payroll calculation for a big & scattered scale of employee.