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HiStaff being honored to receive Sao Khue title for 7th time

In the morning of 23/4/2016, at Hanoi Intellectuals Hall Palace, HiStaff Human Resource Massive Management Software Solution of Tinhvan Consulting Joint Stock company was once again being rewarded Sao Khue title of 2016 at the Announcement and Rewarding Ceremony.

Sao khue title 2016 program is a credit reward, hold by Vietnam Software & IT service Association annually from 2003. The nominating products this year was divided into 4 groups: Outstanding mobile applications; new software solution of 2015-2016; outstanding IT services and Software solution, in which including HiStaff software solution. All product were evaluated by Judgement Board which including credit experts from Ministry of Information – Communication, Ministry of Science and technology, Ministry of Industry & Trade… Passing through 3 judgement rounds, HiStaff of Tinhvan Consulting had been honored to name at Sao Khue 2016 as an Outstanding product of software, IT service of Vietnam.

HiStaff version X5 had completely convinced Judgment Board thanks to its high technology platform, the comprehensiveness and consolidation of HR profession. From that the Solution will propose useful data & updated analysis which promptly help the administrator & enterprises to update the data & planning developing human resource. HiStaff was considered as a profound profession software as other foreign professional software and at the same time still can meet the specific requirements of Vietnam.


Mr.  Nguyễn Tuấn Vững – Deputy CTO on behalf of Tinhvan Consulting receiving the Sao Khue title for HiStaff

HiStaff Human Resource Massive Management Software Solution Tinhvan Consulting Joint Stock company kept holding the leading brand in HR software solution, continuously being implemented in leading enterprises and groups with the scope up to tens of thousands employee such as Honda Vietnam, Unilever Vietnam, Vifon Vietnam, Techcombank, MaritimeBank, HabuBank, VPBank, TienPhongBank, VNDirect, Petroleum Industrial & Civil Construction Joint Stock company, Vincom group… This is the 7th time that HiStaff was being entitled for Sao Khue title throughout the years of 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2015, 2016.

Besides Sao Khue award, HiStaff was also being entitled for famous profession reward such as: ICT Golden Cup for Human Resource Management Software HiStaff for 02 continuous years 2008, 2009; 3th Ho Chi Minh City ICT Award for typical Software – Product in 2011; Merit of Minister of Information and Communication for outstanding achievements in IT Vietnam in 2009.

Sao Khue title was an annual activity of VINASA from 2003, was held under the sponsor of Head of Ministry of Information & Communication. After 13 years of developing, Sao Khue was highly evaluated by Vietnam ICT communication, which contributing in developing & implementing of ICT in Vietnam. Sao Khue was entitled for 735 outstanding ICT products, services.