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TVG providing the Online education system to VietjetAir

On last 29/08/2016, the Branch of Tinhvan Technology JSC in Hochiminh City (TVHCM) signed up the contract to implement the Online Learning System (LMS) and upgrading the Training Management System (TMS) for VietjetAir Airline JSC.

In order to provide a supportive condition for the whole employee working at both inside and outside of VietjetAir Main office so that they can easily pick up and attend in the training courses of the company related to civil aviation, VietjetAir JSC company had corporated with Tinhvan Corporation – Hochiminh Branch to implement Online Learning Management System and upgrading the Training management System. The system will help the staff in saving time on studying, tracking their studying progress and result easily, at the same time to help the managers in following the training courses that their staff were and are attending.


With this system, VietjetAir staff can be able to attend the courses at anywhere and anywhen, up to their demand. The knowledge was presented and illustrated in many forms (images, sounds, clips…) in order to make it easier for the trainers to understand. The searching system is smart and was classified into sectors to bring faster result to users for their searching knowledge.

After system completion, VietjetAir can only be able to train their own staff internally and externally but also to provide the courses for their partners in the aviation sector.