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Tinh Van HCM upgrades Techmart Online transaction information portal

In the beginning of the second quarter in 2017, the branch of Tinh Van Technology JSC in Ho Chi Minh City cooperated and coordinated with the Center for Statistics and Science and Technology Information of Ho Chi Minh City – (CESTI) to upgrade Techmart Online transaction information portal.

giao dien Techmart

Techmart Ho Chi Minh City has been built and operated by CESTI since 2002. After 14 years of operation, Techmart has actively served the community and enterprises in searching, investing in technology and equipment. However, in order to further promote the renovation and transfer of technology in Ho Chi Minh, since 2016, under the direction of the Department of Science and Technology of Ho Chi Minh City, CESTI invested and upgraded the system into a transaction information portal with more functions. After more than 4 months of implementation, Techmart Online has been launched and officially put into use at http://www.techmart.com.vn.

Techmart Online is a technology transaction information portal which is invested and operated in a new method; supports the trading activities of equipment, solutions, online science technology researches. Techmart Online is a place to connect the demand for trading the equipment, technology solutions among enterprises as well as projects, startup companies in HCMC. The objective of the system is to create a favorable environment for transactions and partner – seeking on the Internet, with the participation of technology suppliers and demanders and intermediary service organizations.

Techmart Online system (after upgrade) is designed and operated to meet the needs of users by allowing members to automate all of their transactions within the system. The system provides facilities to help members proactively searching, selecting and connecting with the technology and equipment suppliers (T & E), consultants and investments. The organizers, individuals who are patent owners, business project or startup project owners, need to seek the partners can use the system to introduce their products to investors.

In addition, the system will also convey more information related to T & E activities in HCMC such as T & E introduction seminars, reports of technology trend analysis, T & E events taking place in Ho Chi Minh City. Techmart Online aims to have 5,000 products, scientific inventions published regularly in 2018.