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TinhVan Education Joint Stock Company completes digital library solution – Bookworm

At the end of August, Tinhvan Education (TVE) completed the new solution considered as “a library in the palm” called Bookworm

Bookworm is a solution circulating electronic document in libraries. It connects readers, libraries and publishers in buying-selling, borrowing-returning digital documents. With the philosophy “Ebook is as same as paper book”, Bookworm brings convenience to readers as they can borrow e-books from libraries anytime, anywhere and read on their personal devices, which helps libraries and publishers fully control and protect the digital rights of ebook. Bookworm integrates protection and digital rights management (DRM) to prevent unauthorized copying of e-book content. Digital documents are encrypted at download time was only decoded and read on that device.

Bookworm connects to Tinh Van’s current products such as  Libol and Classbook in order to form a common and unified platform. This the solution that will help library sector in Vietnam catch up with modern libraries in the world
Highlights include:

  • Connect to the digital library software of organization
  • Exploit the available digital library and other digital sources.
  • Support both loan and sale of documents
  • Be ready for mobile devices
  • Supports standard ebook formats (PDF, ePub).
  • Connect multimedia & engagement mechanism.
  • Be used for content edition
  • Be DRM security encryption
  • Be online payment connection
  • Integrate data with library software via Dublin core