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Thiquocgia.vn: Online service for preparing for High school National Exam thiquocgia2
National High School Exam is the most important exam of K-12 education, which is organized annually for almost one million students registered, serving both as graduation exam for High School and entrance exam for universities and colleges. Thiquocgia.vn is an online service which supports students in preparation for this upcoming examination with 2 main services of practical test and trial test for 4 subjects which are Physics, Chemistry, Biology and English.

  • Practical test
    • On-demand test practicing
    • Exam is automaticallt generated from continuously updated question bank with similar difficulty and structure
    • Promptly graded upon submission
    • Immediate answers checking
    • Untimed and support saving and resumption
  • Trial test
    • Trial test has common and fixed question set for all test takers in that exam
    • Test takers has to submit their tests within a defined time
    • Promptly graded upon submission
    • Answers checking only after the exam is closed
    • Ranking & grade spectrum is available after the exam is closed
  • Supplement contents
    • Digital books and test preparing materials from Vietnam Educational Publishing House
    • Classified exercises by topic related to each subject
    • Reference tests for essay subjects include Math, Literature, History and Geography

The differences
  • High quality question bank and trial tests
Tests and question bank are developed by a team of experienced and distinguished experts, exam structure was closely compliant to real test format
  • Testing experience
Practicing is always best way to prepare
  • Smart feedback
Analyzing students' test results to give them personal feedback on how to improve their test performance.
  • Objective self evaluation
Studdents can compare their test results with others' to see their performance in perspective
  • Awards
Students with the best test results are awarded with gifts that directly benefit their test preparation
  • Anywhere, any time
The site can be accessed by using any personal device, such as smartphones, tablets or PCs

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