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Classbook: eBook Publishing & Distributing Platform Logo Classbook
Classbook provides a complete solution for publishers and organizations with the needs for publishing and distributing their  ebooks, covering  the whole  process from editing and packaging ebooks, maintaining an online book store to retrieving and reading them on applications run on computers, tablets, smart phones with operating systems including Windows, iOS or Android.

Outstanding Features
  • Digital Textbook format
    • Supporting ebooks formats of PDF or ePub
  • Editing & Packaging
    • Editing & Packaging technology on Windows operating system
    • Interactive multimedia contents enrichment link to hotspots on book pages
    • Integrating with high quality English text-to-speech engine to enable on demand pronunciation of textual contents on a book page
    • Integrating with online test function
    • Packaging and encrypting e-books to ensure that user is able to view ebook files on  their registered devices only.
  • Usage
    • Reading apps available for Windows, Android & iOS operating systems
    • Support PCs, tablets and smart phones
    • Supporting for normal reading applications and specific features for Classbook ebook format
    • Integrating with online book store
  • Online book store
    • Web interface & integrating with Classbook reading apps
    • Supporting book store model with multiple content providers
    • System Administration Module
    • Online payment gateway integration
Main Modules
  • Reading apps
  • Editing tools
  • Online book store
Related Services
  • Consultancy on digital publishing process and software customization for custom ordered project
  • Installation, training and hand-over
  • Content development (editing & packaging digital books)
  • Maintaining & upgrading the product
  • Providing Classbook platform in SaaS model, including software, server, storage, transmission and system operation.

Typical Awards
  • Nhan Tai Dat Viet Award of 2012
  • Sao Khue Award of 2013 and 2015
  • Vifotec Award of 2014

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