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Clever: E-Learning and Micro-Learning Solutions Clever is e-learning solution developed on the open source technology platform Moodle, which enables organizations and enterprises to enhance efficiency and performance of their training processes for employees. Clever supports the creation and management of internally developed or purchased e-learing materials, organizing training courses and evaluating the trainees, which is suitable for both work process training and soft skills training, to help the trainee quickly gain the knowledge through short lessons. Outstanding Features
  • Technology platform
    • Implementing on Moodle open source platform
    • Multilingual & Vietnamese support (Unicode keyboard)
    • Running on different devices: Computers, laptops, tablets, smart phones
  • Customizability
    • Creating, customizing the training courses
    • Easily creating the on-demand learning reports
    • Easily parameterized setting up as per requirements of organization
    • Flexible data searching and statistics function
  • Data exchange
    • Exchange data with other system such as HRM, CRM, ERP…
    • Extract data to other environment under standard XML format
  • Standardization
    • Comply to eLearning standards (SCORM, IMS, IEEE...), allowing the exporting of courses with other e-learning software or importing courses provided by third-party suppliers
  • Security
    • Applying multi-tier security level: firewall, server security, Internet security...
    • Allowing the assignment of authorization role to different users, clearly defining the function to perform and training course data to exploit...
    • The password is being encrypted
  • Integration
    • Easily integrating with data from different software
    • Single sign-on, integrating with available user management system of enterprise, organization
  • Effectiveness
    • Standardized
    • Time saving
    • Cost-cutting
    • Promptitude, accuracy, convenience
Main features
  • Teacher Management
  • Students Management
  • Training Courses Management
  • User Management
  • System Administration
  • Learning Content Management
  • Communication Module
Related Services
  • Designing interface
  • Updating new feature
  • Training, technology transferring
  • Providing Courseware
  • Designing Courseware from available contents
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