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Portal Solution (TViS) vi

General Introduction:
TViS is a powerful software solution based on Oracle Portal, Microsoft, IBM application platforms that enable a quick development of a professional Internet/Intranet portal. With nearly 20 years’ experience of implementing for different Ministries, Departments, Sectors and Government organizations as well as domestic and foreign enterprises, TVIS has proved their ability of stable performance, loading capacity & high secured ability, especially matched with the integration requirements for multi-platform services, striving toward handling e-Government requirements; to integrate Public services and operational applications. Outstanding Features:
  • Personalized & customized
  • Single sign-on, authentication & authorization
  • Portal & pages management
  • Information integration
  • Searching
  • Users management
  • Data collection & publishing
  • Backup & data recovery
  • Tracking log
  • Security and data protection
  • Content management & auditing (CMS)
  • Service application (public services)
  • Online forum
  • Online chat
  • Online comments
Display data on device types
  • Configuration management
  • Proving various Information service channels
  • Support
Customers Vietnam National Assembly www.quochoi.vn; Ministry of Finance www.mof.gov.vn; Ministry of Justice www.moj.gov.vn; Ministry of Foreign Affair www.mofa.gov.vn; State Treasury vst.mof.gov.vn; State bank of Vietnam www.sbv.gov.vn; State Securities Commission www.ssc.gov.vn; General Department of State Services gdsr.mof.gov.vn; The authority of Radio Frequency Management www.rfd.gov.vn; Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences www.vass.gov.vn; Danang Department of Information and Communications www.danang.gov.vn; Vinhphuc Province sotttt.vinhphuc.gov.vn ; Thaibinh Province sotttt.thaibinh.gov.vn; General departmant of State Services www.vietcombank.com.vn; Vietinbank www.vietinbank.vn; Partners 1Related Services:
  • Hosting service: Providing server infrastructure for application operating on Internet
  • CA Authentication service: through Token, OTP, SMS…
  • Automate data consolidation: Collecting information from other website/ portal in Internet, consolidating & classifying into separated fields.
  • SEO: Providing Search Engine Optimization in order to increase website rank on Internet
Outstanding award
  • Sao Khue Award by VINASA of 2005
  • Silver Cup by VAIP of 2004