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Using technology of Classbook digital publishing platform, more than 300 textbooks and exercise books from grade 1 to 12 from Vietnam Educational Publisher were digitized, edited and enriched with multi-media contents, and multiple choice tests as well as other interactive features. Besides, classbook.vn, an online books and apps  store was also developed to be the largest source of  learning resources for Vietnam K-12 education level.

Provided contents
  • Digital textbooks
Full set of the K-12 textbooks of Vietnam Educational Publisher and enriched with multimedia and interactive contents (sounds, images, video clips, wikis, interactive tests and games).
  • Online bookstore
Thousands of reference books, advanced textbooks, teachers' materials and supplemented books in digital format and other learning apps for teaching and learning (virtual experiment, simulation for Biology, Math, Physics, Chemistry,…) CB.vn
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