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Foldio: Document and dossier management software  Foldio
Foldio enables computerize document management process, customer working profile management. The solution was designed basing on modern technology of Microsoft Sharepoint which is strong in executing, flexible in functionality, stable in operating which brings to users a convenient & effective working place.

Outstanding Features
  • Document management: Manage all types of documents in the administrative operations, working dispatch and records for quick and easier updating, searching according to various standards
  • Working document processing: Supporting the implementation for the whole process for working profile on software:
  • Supporting for authorizing person, secretary
  • Working alarming, assigning via Email, SMS
  • Working Log, personal notes
  • Authentication of electronic signatures
  • Linked calendar, schedule events
    • System administration: Multi level authorization & security, supports multi-factor authentication of users. Administration interface of Microsoft Sharepoint enables system administrators a simple manipulation of complex system functions.
    • Integrated Utilities: Integration and unlimited expansion of offered services: Portal, SMS, Email, Chat, Teleconference, RSS, Forum, Polling ...
    • Statistical reports: Extracting statistic data & reports by predefined samples and by requested
    • Full-text search: Supports simple search, advanced search and full-text search across multiple repositories, data types

Main Modules
  • Ingoing document management
  • Outgoing document management
  • Submission document management
  • Sample document management
  • Dossier management
  • Dossier flow management
  • Search
  • System administration
  • Support

Customers Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences; Petrovietnam power services Joint Stock Company; Ministry of Industry and Trade Office; Vietnam Cement Industry corporation (Vicem); Vietnam International Commercial Joint Stock Bank (Vietcombank); State Bank of Vietnam;…
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